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SERVICES: Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation

Want to STOP:

• IRS Problems
• Car Repossession
• Wage Garnishment
• Foreclosures
• Credit Card Payments
• Nasty Phone Calls

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Information on “Chapter 13” or “Reorganization” Bankruptcy:

There are two versions of Bankruptcy for an individual debtor, “Chapter 7” and “Chapter 13.” In 2005, the Bankruptcy laws were changed and now a big factor in the case is annual household income.

The “Chapter 13” or “Reorganization” type of Bankruptcy gives the Debtor five years to stop foreclosure and catch up payments on houses, cars, etc. Chapter 13 can also remove second mortgages, pay back child support and stop IRS collection. Payments have to be made to the Bankruptcy Court and are based upon the Debtor’s income. Chapter 13 is more complicated than Chapter 7 but it can solve problems that a Chapter 7 cannot. For instance, Chapter 13 allows Debtors to keep all their property and still cancel their credit card debts.

Bankruptcy Facts:

• Debtors usually keep all their belongings in a Bankruptcy case.
• Debtors can keep whatever they pay for through their case or can continue to make payments to the creditor.
• If you are married, you can still file a Bankruptcy by yourself and leave out your spouse.
• Some taxes can be wiped out in Bankruptcy.
• Debtors can re-establish credit after the Bankruptcy case, usually within two years.